Monday, April 16, 2007

Susan Kain and Excalibur (Cal)

Name: Susan Kain,
Weight Division: MW
Home: Candler, NC

How many hours away from Biltmore? 20 minutes
When will you arrive? Friday

Background info:
How many 100's have you done? Several two day and three day 100’s…have tried a one day 100 three times..rained out once………got sick once, pulled RO and then got pulled once for metabolics
Total Mileage: 1200

Why do the 100? Crazy, I guess

Your background with horses: Ridden off and on, most of my life..endurance for about eight years now

Profession: nurse for pharmaceutical company

Horse's name: Excalibur…”Cal”
Owner: same as rider
Age: 14
Breed: Arab
Bloodlines: red
Sex: G
Height 15
Weight 970 on a good day

Type shoes: pads? clips? How old will the shoes be on the ride day? regular shoes with clips, no pads, shod week before the ride. farrier will be at the ride.
Shoe or easyboot size: 1

Miles 1100
Years competing: 5
Type of saddle: Desoto
Type Pad: Skito
Bridle/bit/hackamore? Nylon sidepull
Crupper or breastcollar? Crupper…are you kidding me! he’d be in the next state…..but yes, breastcollar..biothane
Protective boots? None…great legs
Type girth: Neoprene
Will you be riding with a heart monitor? Absolutely

What is this horse like? This is a little horse with a BIG heart. Over a 1000 miles before he got pulled for metabolic at JD’s ride. He has incredible legs and goes like the energizer bunny. Just finished 5th at Leatherwood(25 miles in 2:55 this past weekend and he looked great.

Goal for the ride. I am just going for completion. I’ve done the 50 here a number of times and ride the trails at Biltmore almost every weekend

What do you feed? equitech 10/10 and Complete
What will you be feeding at the vet check? anything he will eat, usually whatever somebody else has!

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