Monday, April 16, 2007

Meg Sleeper and Shyrocco Troilus (Troy)

Name: Meg Sleeper
Weight Division: lw
Home:Frenchtown, NJ
How many hours away from Biltmore? 12-13 hours When will you arrive? Thursday

Help us identify you: Describe what you wear: Biothane colors are red, white and blue and horse is black bay with a blaze and 2 socksI usually wear a long sleeve shirt and a white or red,white and blue helmet.

Background info:How many 100's have you done? 49

Total Mileage: 7,000 endurance (including outside USA); 12,000 endurance and competitive trail riding

Why do the 100? I adore the 100s. It requires teamwork with the horse. I breed and train the horses I compete, so we have a close relationship anyway, but nothing compares with the feeling of finishing 100 miles on a horse that would willingly continue down the trail.

Your background with horses. Did my first CTR in 1980 and my first endurance ride in 1986. I wasn't able to do many during school and specialty training, but I did what I was able to do and have been fortunate to be able to spend more time competing since finishing my cardiology training in 2000. My husband also rides and competes, in fact he learned to ride on the horse I will be riding at Biltmore. He started riding in 1997.

Profession: Veterinary cardiologist

Horse's name: Shyrocco Troilus (Troy). All the horses I breed are Shyrocco or Syrocco (the "h" is if they are not pure arab, ie Troy is a half arab). I did that because I thought it was so cool that you always knew where the Ramegwa or the Rushcreek horses came from.

Owner: me and my husband
Age: 15 yearsBreed: 1/2 arabian
Sex: gelding
Height 15.2h
Weight 950#
Bloodlines: His sire, Shah of Giseh, is owned by Dr. Janey Fassinger. His mother was an appendix QH jumper.
Type shoes: steel pads? yes clips? yes How old will the shoes be on the ride day? 2 weeks
Shoe or easyboot size: 2

Miles 2760 endurance (including overseas); over 4000 including CTR
Years competing: 11 years (CTR and endurance)

Type of saddle: Stubben Athos I
Type Pad HAF pad
Bridle/bit/hackamore? Will start in Tellington-Jones bit and switch to a Boucher snaffle when possible:)
Crupper or breastcollar? Breastcollar and running martingale; no crupper
Protective boots? not usually
Type girth: fleece
Will you be riding with a heart monitor? yes

What is this horse like? He is very competitive, but is pace-able (with help from the bit). However, he takes very good care of himself in general. He usually recovers very well and he is a stellar camper.

Goal for the ride. Possible top 10? Hopeful top ten.
Possible time I refuse to guess:) it all depends on the weather!frame?

Have you completed this course before? Yes, I have done this ride 4 times, I think.
Electrolyting proceedure: I use northern lytes if I have them (my favorite!!!!) or enduramax. One dose per hour to hour and a half. If I will be out on a loop longer than that I take along a lyte now syringe.

What do you feed? Usually enduro eventer by pennfield and beet pulp.

What will you be feeding at the vet check? Mostly alfalfa, but later in the ride he usually starts eating beet pulp and grain.

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