Thursday, April 26, 2007

Leigh Ann Pauley and Blizzard Bey

Name: Leigh Ann Pauley
Weight: Lightweight
Home: Burnsville NC
Miles from Biltmore: 50 miles north of Asheville

How many 100's: BB and I have completed one.
How many miles: 825 185LD
Why 100's: why not?

Profession: Stay at home mother to our 13 year old son Mckenzie (Thank you Jeff)

Horse: Blizzard Bey (BB)
Age: 11
Sex: Mare
Height: 15.1
Weight: 980
Miles: 1340

Breed/Bloodlines: Anglo/Bay El Bey

Type of shoes: We are trying a shoe called EZ Stepper. Depends on the weather how Jeff sets her up.
Shoe size: O

Years competing: This is BB's 5th year.
Saddle: I ride in a Lowriche saddle that previously belonged to a great horse we all know and will miss very much Ramegwa Drubin, owned by Stagg and Cheryl Newman who are great mentors.
Pad: I use a Toklat pad with a Thin line underneath to help keep the saddle in place.
Breastcollar: YesCrupper: No -BB told the previous owner that she wanted no part of that.
I use a hackamore No boots
YES I use a heart monitor.

Feed at home: Triple Crown Complete and Ultium half & half, grass forage, hay, Hoof Power
Goal for the ride: Complete
Have you completed this course before: Yes in a 50

Electrolyting: I start on Thursday night with a does of Perform & Win mixed with apple sauce. I dose Friday morning and night. During the race I double dose once an hour or hour and half.

Background with horses: My first love was a very special dapple gray pony named Stormy Weather who we took to many open shows. She was a better teacher than any lession instructor could have ever been. My background includes a wide range of riding styles Saddleseat, Team Penning, Westeren Pleasure, Reining and now best of all Endurance.

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