Friday, May 4, 2007

Wet and Ready ....

Well, I'm here at Biltmore> Teddy at Runningbear has Wi-Fi so we can
post from here complements of Teddy. THANKS TEDDY!

So far the weather is hanging in there. It's COOL for here, a breeze,
actually chilly. They said it POURED last night so the FEI people who
got here early had it rough. The field was 4X4 material this morning
but has dried well. Though they called for rain today, nothing but
sprinkles since we've been here, thunder in the distance though.

The 100 has 59 entries, the 50 has 103. LOTS of vendors, great
atmosphere so far but the weather forecast is BAD as of now (makes my
stomach hurt to think about it :-( Calling for AM thundershowers,
1/2" rain, 60% chance. PRAY FOR US!!!

At the ride meeting they told how they're running things. There were
some grumbles (was that me? >g<) They're doing the little paper
slips for arrival & departure time which is kinda irritating. Can't
figure out why FEI can't afford a set of walkie talkies like SERA
uses that eliminates all that bother. Then the kicker...though
there's just 162 entries and looks like a dozen vets, they said that
if you present for pulse and your horse is not down you get ONE retry
then you're outa there. Why? Has that been a problem? (no) Why even
do it then? Just risking some kid's horse jumping up when another
departs (departure is right by the vet check) and ruining somebody's
day. I didn't hear anyone who thought it was necessary, helpful or
useful. Next they said the FEI folks have to get their completion
within 30 min. of finish even though the finish line is a 20 min walk
from camp...and I happen to know that their timer takes his sweet
time getting the card back to you (likes to review his film first and
WON'T be rushed). Glad I'm not FEI.

The tent situation has expanded. There's been so many years of rain
that people are now putting them in the vet check *and* their
corrals. Should get exciting if some extra strong winds kick up.

The rain yesterday must have been the real deal. The river is running
very high and muddy. Man, I hate the idea of 100 in the rain. PLEASE
let it not rain!!!

OK, through whining. I've gotta go mix electrolytes. If it's really
wet I'm not sure we'll be wanting to get the laptop out tomorrow, but
if it's not too bad I'll get someone to update.

I'm going to try to send a few pictures to John he can put up. Got a
new camera and don't know how to set resolution yet (though I read
the pamphlet on the way here) Good luck John,

Angie (who wants to stay dry SOOOOOOOO bad!

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